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CRGE has received over two million dollars in research grants. In 2010, CRGE received the Research and Scholarship Award from the National Council on Research on Women (NCRW). The award was presented to CRGE for its outstanding research that advances knowledge and understanding of women and girls in society and reflects the visions of the NCRW. In 2017, CRGE received the University of Maryland President’s Commission on Ethnic Minority Issues award for a non-instructional unit.

CRGE has generously received support from the following campus units, private foundations and government entities to conduct research:

Current Projects

Changing the National Conversation on Diversity to Create Inclusive Environments in Higher Education: A Summit on Strategies for Success from Postdocs to Presidents (2017-2019); PI: Dr. Ruth Enid Zambrana. Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

In collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, a summit is being planned to convene thought leaders, high level administrative leaders and influencers in higher education to engage in a conversation on what are the successful practices that can produce, promote and sustain principles of the life and quality arc of diversity, equity and inclusion in high education and to shine the light on innovative strategies in the recruitment, retention and promotion of historically underrepresented [...]

Latino Employees at UMD: Assessing their Health Needs to Promote Health and Well-Being (2016-2018); PIs: Dr. Mary Garza, Dr. Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá; Co-Is: Dr. Kathleen Stewart, Dr. Ruth Enid Zambrana. Funded by UMD Tier-1 Seed Grant.

In the U.S., chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disabilities. Racial/ethnic health disparities are prevalent particularly among Latino populations who bear a disproportionate burden of chronic diseases and disability when compared with non-Hispanic Whites. Given the size and rapid growth of this population, identifying key modifiable risk factors is critical to aid in chronic disease prevention efforts. The goal of this study is to assess Latino employee health needs and concerns, [...]

National Latina Entrepreneurship: Implications for Family Asset Building (2015-2017); PI: Dr. Ruth Enid Zambrana. Funded by The New Economics for Women (NEW).

This one-year exploratory grant supports the planning, coordination and completion of a pilot study on the growth of Latina entrepreneurs in the United States. The research is being conducted in preparation for a national mixed methods study. The goals of the study are to examine the economic drivers of entrepreneurial activity in major urban areas of Latino concentration to increase our understanding of how these processes of entrepreneurship contribute to economic stability, social mobility and [...]