Qualitative Methods Courses

The following are courses offered in the spring 2016 semester at the University of Maryland that teach or use qualitative methods:


EDCI611: Studying Student Learning in Diverse Settings

This course deepens teacher understanding of student development and the cultural context for teaching through readings and focused field studies. Participants will also begin developing skills needed for investigations using methods of interpretive inquiry.

Instructors: Taharee Jackson and Alana Murray

EDCI 685: Research Methods

Introductory course to provide students with an understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods in educational research.


EDCI792: Qualitative Research II: Analysis and Interpretation of Data
Prerequisite: EDCI791. Credit will be granted for only one of the following: EDCI692 or EDCI792. Formerly EDCI 692. 

Uses data collected in EDCI791 to consider methods of on-going data analysis, ways of knowing and writing about field research, issues of reflexivity, and the ethical and political decisions involved in crafting text. Students will read literature on and exemplars of multiple modes of qualitative data analysis and interpretation.


EDCP 773: Designing Qualitative Research in Counseling and Student Affairs Contexts

This course provides an introduction to the philosophical and epistemological foundations that guide qualitative inquiry, as well as to the methodologies and methods associated with qualitative research design in student affairs and counseling contexts.


EDPS 730: Seminar on Case Study Methods

An overview of case study methods and a laboratory for applying course content to research topics/projects of interest to students, this course addresses a range of conceptual, methodological, ethical, political, and logistical issues embedded in efforts to conduct "disciplined" case study research. This course may be particularly helpful to students who are exploring various approaches to research or students who are contemplating using case study methods in their seminar papers, theses or doctoral dissertations.


EDPS 736: Phenomenological Inquiry II

As the second course in phenomenology, it will provide a wider and deeper grounding in the philosophic themes and frames of reference growing out of different hermeneutic phenomenological philosophies.


PSYC 737 Research Methods in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Prerequisite: PSYC603; or permission of instructor. 

Philosophy, theory, and method issues underlying I/O psychology. History and the effectiveness of different methods for answering different questions is explored. Reliability and validity are emphasized.


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